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The Law office of Calder and Mello, a Professional Law Corporation, is an essential element in your landlord tool box.


For over thirty -five years we have provided excellent, aggressive and professional  representation of landlords and management companies from small claims to million dollar commercial  evictions.

The firm is lead by experienced attorney Kevin H. Mello, a practicing attorney with more than 33 years experience in litigation of landlord /tenant disputes. Our firm is keenly aware of the loses you suffer and will aggressively pursue all  of your available remedies.

 Our years of training and the volume of cases have allowed us to develop  an efficient process for handling evictions  in a timely manner. Landlord tenant law has become increasingly complex and daunting, even for the most experienced attorneys.

Our staff (combined years of experience touching 100 years) always strives to deliver the highest standard of professionalism. Litigation is difficult and costly.  An aggressive, focused direction is usually the best strategy, for a positive outcome.


Rental Laws in Effect 2019


1) Person to pay:

    Address to pay:

    The hours for payment are:


2) OR Via mail to:


3) OR if an electronic funds transfer procedure has been previously established that payment may be made pursuant to the procedure. 

These are new Landlord Tenant Laws that will go into Effect during 2019


Commercial Property Abandonment - 1/1/19

Commercial Property Disposal of Tenant's Personal Property - 1/1/19

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations - 1/1/19

3 Day's Notice Excludes Holidays and Weekends - 9/1/19

Inspection of Decks, Balconies, Stairways, and Walkways - 1/1/19

Price Gouging and Eviction During a Declared Emergency - 1/1/19

Requires Landlord to Accept Rent from Third Parties - 1/1/19

Please see the following PDF below for all new laws that will be in effect.

Other Laws in effect starting January 1, 2019:

AB 2219 ( Ting, Chapter 233, Statutes of 2018) 

Third-party payment of tenant's rent

This bill requires a residential landlord or landlord's agent to allow a tenant to pay rent through a third party, provided that the third party acknowledges that (1) the third party is not a current tenant of the premises, and (2) the payment does not confirm or create a tenancy with the third party. The bill would also specify that this requirement does not require the landlord or landlord's agent to enter into a contract for a government housing assistance program, such a federal housing assistance voucher programs. 

Other Laws in effect later in 2019:

AB 2343 (Chiu, Chapter 260, Statutes of 2018)

Possible additional days to respond to "pay rent or perform" notice

AB 2343 enables possible extensions of specified deadlines that are part of the eviction process. A tenant would have three "court" days (i.e. days that the Superior Court is open), rather than three calendar days, to respond to a " three-day notice" to pay rent or perform other covenants of the lease or vacate. A tenant would have five court days, rather that five calendar days, to file an answer to an eviction "unlawful detainer" summons. Saturdays, Sundays, and court holidays will no longer count as part of the three- or five-day tenant response time. These changes go into effect Sept. 1, 2019.

Landlord-Tenant Laws that are Effective Immediately for Long Beach:

Tenant Relocation Assistance Ordinances and Just Cause Evictions

(Attached is the Process Chart, Fact Sheet, and Notice to Tenant)

      Process Chart   Notice to Tenant    Fact Sheet

2018 Laws in Effect


Targeting discrimination: Immigrant Tenant Protection Act, a landlord could face civil penalties if he or she attempts to influence a tenant to vacate the dwelling unit or attempts to recover possession of the dwelling unit based on the individual's immigration status.


Mandatory disclosures to tenants: A landlord with "actual knowledge" that his or her property is in a flood hazard area will have to disclose this information to prospective tenants.


Recreational Use: Legalizing the sale of marijuana for recreational use, doesn't impede a property owner's ability to ban the smoking of marijuana on the property.

New law Effective Jan. 1, 2020



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